About Me

I find it hard to believe anyone will care.

But all the same.

I’ve been making things since I was little. This in turn became a love of painting and drawing. I’ve exhibited and sold work before, but by no means consider myself an artist. I’m the black sheep of my highly scientific and medical family. After I finished school I travelled around Europe and based myself in the Netherlands as I’m half Dutch. This experience really nurtured my love of good design. I spent most of my time while travelling in art galleries absorbing all I could and eating decadent food. I spent most of my time while not travelling working as a dish washer (such glamour) and as a tour guide. I spent my free time painting things to decorate my apartment every week, giving them away or painting over them when the week was up. I’m not precious about the things I create, I don’t feel like everything deserves to be preserved, à la Le Corbusier.

On my return to Perth, Australia, I started studying architecture because I didn’t think being an artist was an economically viable option for me, two years in I now love it more than art. It appeals to the practical half of me that wants things to have a purpose, to be logical. But I miss that part of me that used to make things just for the sake of making something pretty.


5 Things I Love (aside from making things)

  • Singin’ in the Rain (and other musicals circa 1940-1960).
  • Baking things with copious amounts of chocolate.
  • Music (especially jazz and except country), my current obsession is Blossom Dearie.
  • Winter, which isn’t really the same thing in Australia as it is elsewhere.
  • Evelyn Waugh’s comical books (and reading in general)






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